Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lung Busting on the Treadmill at the OR Show!

Posted by Colleen:

If you were to take a guess where Marshall (Ulrich) and Lisa would go for a run were they to meet up in Utah, you’d probably guess some place really beautiful like the Wasatch Mountains. But on Friday, together for the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007 show in Salt Lake City, they chose to run side by side on treadmills instead!

Lisa and Marshall participated in the Uphill Challenge at the OR Show that was presented by Trail Runner Magazine and GoLite. The Challenge set up two athletes at a time on treadmills and had them go for a 15 min. run at a lung-busting 15% Incline .

Each athlete earned an official score determined by the mileage covered when the Uphill Challenge official declared 15 minutes had passed. The Challenge offered some great pairings to watch: Scott Jurek vs Karl Meltzer and Krissy Moehl vs Nikki Kimball to name a few…

So when it came down to the Badwater Badasses (Lisa vs Marshall), Lisa won the duel and earned a bottle of red wine in the process…one I am sure she’d gladly share with Marshall!

Below are a few photos to share with you of our friends in action.

Lisa's Warm-up: Some Strength training carrying the girls

The Stage is Set...

And They're Off!

Treadmill Incline

heart rates

Lisa's loudest cheerleader!


Bob - said...

Great Pics & congrats on ur Treadmill Victory :-) ... It's OK Marshall I will still come out to CO and hang with you and Heather, umm just for a few weeks only-lol

Now Coach share ur bottle of wine with Marsh.

seeeeeeeeee ya soooooooon!

Olga said...

Sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Lisa! And Annabella for doing such a great job cheering! Wonder if the aromas emanating from the food vendor next door added to the challenge of this challenge.

Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh!

Your kids are to cute.
Come on Lisa, when are you going to give us your Badwater race story. We are all waiting.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Hi Stu...

I know, I know...It is way over due for my badwater story from this year let alone last year:)
It is such an emotional race that when I start to write it out I get stuck with words..I promise to have this posted by morning..thank you for the kick in the butt.
We had an amazing few days at the OR show and so many things are now set in stone and in place for the next BIG joureny..but then Miss Gabby (our 2 year old) got very sick and is still sick, it is Tues. afteroon. Hope to see you soon