Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I will vote for Dean!

Good morning!!!
The sun is just coming up in the Tetons and it is going to be a beautiful day and 90 degrees!! Yes..I just might have to go up and down the Teton Pass again:) Really loving the climbing part. One month out from Badwater, I feel good.

Many of you know last week Dean ran on the treadmill for 24 hours to try for the record. It was not all he thought it would be. I spoke to him a few days before the run and was excited for him to give it a try and the best part is that Dean does run to raise money!! He has and will continue to raise money for kids and I have such respect for this. Below is the story about the treadmill run.

Next...Dean has been nominated for the:

ESPN ESPYS Award in the category of Best Outdoor Athlete. Votes matter. Any help in circulating the word and encouraging people to vote would be greatly appreciated. Here’s the voting link. It’s a bit confusing in that you have to scroll down to see the Best Outdoor Athlete category:

Dean is the only runner that was nominated, and I think it would be really great if a runner actually won something like this. It is a tremendous honor just to have been nominated.

Dean...see you at Badwater and I hope you have at least 1 toenail by then:)



sherpajohn said...

I'll vote for Dean for sure.. Hope he comes to the Tetons in Sept!

Sherpa John

leigh said...

i voted for him the other day. Go Karno!