Monday, May 07, 2007

Thank You For Joining Us!

The Death Valley Camp was so great!

Thank you to everyone who joined us!

And I know you all have been hoping to visit Bob's Blog, too...

so here's the link!:

BOB, I am so proud of you!

And a special thank you to Badwater's Race Director, Chris Kostman, who visited our camp.

Not only did Chris share a great presentation about last year's Badwater race,

he joined us for a trip out to the sand dunes.

I am looking forward to keeping up the many friendships made and renewed over this past week...and keep doing those frog hops!



LK said...

Here I was wondering why I hadn't heard from Bill, who I'll be pacing at WS, and I now know why. He was in DV having fun! I sure see a lot of familiar faces. Miss you all a bunch, especially miss getting to run with you all.

leigh said...

it was the best! could not have been better! thanks millions!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an amazing journey...I will never look at stairs the same way again. I was trying to hold on to the sunrise in the sand dunes ,as reality hit Monday morning. Thanks for opening my eyes to more than just running:)

Julie B said...

What a wonderful camp! On of these years I will be there too:)

Bob - said...

Thanks Coach, Camp was awesome! Learned a lot and look forward to applying what I learned and yes even the frog hops :-) Already miss the camp Breakfast & Dinners together with the attendees.

Lisa B said...

Great pics, Lisa! Looks like tons of fun. Nice to see lots of familiar faces, including Tom P! (Are you running Badwater soon, Tom?)

Looking forward to the camp reports.