Wednesday, May 09, 2007

new events for me and race report

Good morning to all of you!

I have a favor to ask. After you read a blog and want to tell me something about the blog please post a comment to the blog and not send me an email. Everyone would love to know your thoughts and what you are thinking:):)

Calling all campers! There has been a big request from bloggers to have a camp update from how about posting one or even posting your blog account so we can all read them. I would love for any of you reading this that have your own blog to send me your blog so I can keep up with you to and if is ok with you for me to include your blog on my blog let me know. Thank you.

I have made some new race choices for this season.

1. Badwater 135 and then back yes the BW double again!!!
2.2007 LOTOJA CLASSIC..200 mile bike race in Sept.
3.Furnace Creek 508 bike race in Oct. going for the Death Valley cup!
4. Well..sorry I can't tell you right now but in the next few weeks I can let you know!!! :):)

Below is a great account of a friend and coaching students life changing run at Zane Grey 50 mile.

Zane Grey 2007 Report
On the eighth day, God took all the leftover rocks and liberally spread them over 50+ miles of the Zane Grey Highline Trail. Click here to read the full report.

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