Monday, May 14, 2007

Dreamchasers Newsletter Trivia Winner!!!

In the most recent Dreamchasers Newsletter, we included a trivia challenge. Today, my daughter proudly choose a winner…MARCY SHONE!!!

Congrats, Marcy!!! We are getting your bag of prizes together today…and its going to include some pretty great stuff…including some new running shoes!

Here are the correct answers to the Trivia Questions:

1) What is the discounted price that Dreamchasers offers for 32 oz serving of Heed?
Marcy: $16
Me (Lisa): For a complete list of products, click here:

2) What is Lisa's marathon PR?
Marcy: 2:48:52
Me: Marcy must have found my bio!

3) At what recent race did Jay recently place as a top American?
Marcy: Marathon des Sables
Me: Maybe Marcy read some of the MdS Press Clippings on Dreamchasers homepage?

4) Is registration for the Marathon des Sables 2008 still open?
Marcy: Yes
Me: Click here to learn more:

5) What is the date of the Tucson Marathon?
Marcy: Sunday, Dec 2, 2007
Me: Come join us in sunny Tucson in December!!!

6) What are the distances at the Grand Teton Races?
Marcy: Marathon, 50, 100
Me: Bring your family. Too – and have a great Labor Day weekend in the Tetons!

7) Name two people who provided testimonials about Dreamchasers camps and/or coaching services.
Marcy: Cynthia Rae, Beth Katzman
Me: I am so lucky to have SO many great students. Meet more of them!

And here is a photo of my daughter who choose the contest winner. She is with her new bicycle, which she just adores. The very first time she rode it, she finished her ride and asked me to go get her shoes because she was ready to start running. I assured her she could take a rest…I think she has some time before she starts to incorporate Brick work-outs!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!


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Anonymous said...

I am so proud that you have her wearing a helmet and she is learning that safety and fitness go together. She sure has grown a lot since I last saw her. Just a wee little one.

Like that Patagonia shirt, too!