Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why we need disase

Good morning. It is a beautiful sunny but very cold day here in the Tetons!
My trianing has not been great this week so far but hey..that is ok right:)

My very good friend and coaching student Aran Gordon told me I could share this information with you below. Aran has Hemochromatosis. His journey to find out what was wrong with him, the treatments and the journey ahead is one that we should all read about. Aran is one of my heros! From the first day I stared coaching Aran: he could not even walk from his house to the end of the driveway to running 2 VERY successful Marathon des Sables. This man has taught me that we can do anything and that even though life does throw us many curve balls we must fight the fight and that each day is a gift as well as a blessing.
Through the highs, the lows we can all learn a great deal from Arans story.
Aran, the Batchens love you!

This is the link to an interview done on the Today program where Matt Lauer interviews the author of a book where the first chapter is about Arans experience with Hemochromatosis.

Why we need diseaseAuthor and medical researcher Dr. Sharon Moalem explores how deadly diseases are bred into our genes


Anonymous said...

amazing article & always wonderful to learn new things especially about our bodies. hello aron, i think of you & hope that you are doing well...richard

Anonymous said...


You're a hero in the truest sense of the word. I hope you're well.

Greg P.
MDS '06