Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What Are Some Dreamchasers Up to these Days?

Hi everyone!

Well I started my Ironman training tonight:) I made it 1 mile in the pool and did a 2 hour run/walk with core work today. It was minus 10 degrees at 1pm when I went outside..and this is without the wind chill!

Anyone want to pace at the Rocky Raccoon 100?



Dreamchaser Frank Fumich Goes for Mt. Aconcagua’s Summit
Frank Fumich is well on his way to the summit of Aconcagua. I am so excited for Frank to have this opportunity – he has trained hard and he is surrounded by the best: Marshall Ulrich, Terri Schneider, Rich Shear, Louise Cooper, and Nancy Bristow. You can check out www.theferrisfiles.com for updates on the climb.

I just checked this site and listened to Frank’s audioblog. Boy was I surprised to learn that this was the first time he had erected a tent! This is a guy who has summitted Mt. Rainier, Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Elbrus in Russia. We’ll have to talk when he gets back!

Please pray for any storms to subside and the path to be clear, and the temperatures to be warm enough to allow a safe summit for these amazing friends!

Dreamchaser James Simone to Explore the Ho Chi Minh Trail on his Bike
James Simone is getting ready for a biking trip in Loas next month. He is going to be exploring new routes for future booked expeditions. He’s excited about the physical challenges before him and the opportunities to eat some really good food!

Dreamchaser Joe DeSena Kicks Off a New Races Series!
Please visit http://www.peak.com/, a site Joe and friends have recently launched. They have some great races and adventures coming up. Two I would highly recommend are the Pittsfield, VT Snowshoe Marathon and ½ Marathon on March 3, 2007 which includes a lobster and shrimp feast and a $500 cash prize to the top male and female AND the Pittsfield Peaks Ultra Challenge on June 9, 2007. And fear not, Joe is keeping himself busy this month. He's on the same mountain as Frank and Marshall - Aconcagua!!!

And for Some Night Time Reading
As I coach, I sometimes receive an e-mail from one of my athletes reporting: ‘I am experiencing some pain…can I still work out?’

I don’t have a universal answer for this question. When a client experiences pain, I ask that he or she describe it to me in great detail. For example, a client recently reported that he was experiencing pain in his shoulder. I followed-up by asking him these questions before giving him further guidance: “Can you describe the pain? Is it at the top of the shoulder, the front, the back or the entire shoulder? Does it ache or is it a sharp pain or does it just hurt?” His responses allowed me to work with him to determine the best course of action.

This week, the NY Times had an interesting article entitled ‘When It’s O.K. to Run Hurt’ on the topic of working out while injured. I am not endorsing the recommendations these doctors are making – just putting them out there as food for thought.

Excerpt from the article:
It sounds almost like heresy. The usual advice in treating injuries is to rest until the pain goes away. But Dr. Weinstein and a number of leading sports medicine specialists say that is outdated and counterproductive. In fact, Dr. Weinstein says, when active people consult him, he usually tells them to keep exercising.

To read the article in its entirety, click here: http://tinyurl.com/2ue6cg

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