Saturday, January 06, 2007

Team RED

Guest Blogger: Colleen Woods

Needless to say, I am more than a little jealous of the New Yorkers enjoying 70 degree weather today! It’s cold here in Idaho, but we still managed to make it out the door this morning for a three hour run.

Lisa ran with this really cool hat this morning, that has a built-in light in its brim. The light was really great and I think the battery power lasts something like 24 hours. Pretty cool piece of gear!

Well, I thought you might enjoy some photos from the snow-covered run. I would go on and describe the ferocious winds and the ice that coated my eyelashes as we made our way through Teton Valley, but Finlay just wouldn’t believe me. I guess it’s just too tough to imagine this kind of weather when you’re running in Texas!


Anonymous said...

Being from the foothills of Denver, i feel ya!! Even running in my yaktracks this morning didn't seem to help - it was a struggle the whole way. I can't wait to see the ground again.
Michele J.

bizyah said...

Here in Minnesota we've got 40 degrees and clear roads, so much for winter. . .

Olga said...

Wondeful pictures! Happy Holidays, everybody!
Seeing kids unpacking presents is always so sweet, I wish I was stil a kid:)

Bob - said...


hmm what is happening?? O MY my computer is freezing up from reading this post!!

I ha v e

to g o ! !
o b

Anonymous said...

gee, Colleen is wearing a spotlight on her head! I can imagine she was jealous of Lisa's lightweight LED hat. someone needs to help Colleen upgrade her technology so she doesn't topple over or suffer neck damage from that billion-watt light on her forehead. can you imagine the battery pack for that thing?

Anonymous said...

(This is Colleen) Wow…I just wanted to say thank you so much to that last person who posted a comment for his/her concern about me! The light was my way of extra weight training. :-) But please don’t worry about me and gear…my biggest challenge these days is seeing making room for all the gear Lisa and Jay give to me!!!