Monday, January 22, 2007

Our friend Don Meyer

Good morning to you all. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I did. Yes..I did get the long swim, the 3 hour bike and the 2 hour run in, all in 1 day! Then the next day I was able to skate ski and climb a very long hill (40 min. up) the next. Not even sore..this is such a shock:):)

I have a prayer request. I don't know if you who read this believe in the power of prayer but I do and through this blog we have all seen miracles happen!

Don Meyer is a very good friend of ours, a fellow ultra runner and past coaching client. Don is one of our best supporters for all us when it comes to helping fund raise! Next to all of this Don is one the best humans that has ever walked this earth and you might hear him yelling FIRE UP on a trail some day..He is always happy!!

Below is an email from Don to me about his 3 year old grandson Cade. When I read this all I could think about was we all need to pray, we need a miracle here!!

Dear Lisa,
Our family is devastated... my Grandson (Cade - 3 yrs. old) was so dizzy he couldn't walk last Wed., after 2 days of tests it is determined he has "intrinsic brain stem glioma".... Dr. told us Friday night he has 4 months to a year to live... (I am choking while I write this...), because of the location in the brain stem the choices are limited and not very effective for a cure.... He lives a mile away from me, is our best friend, etc. Oh, how your life can change in one week... We have always called him our little angel. Please pray for him..
God Bless you and your family, Don

I ask you all to pray!



Bob - said...

My Prayers will be sent up for Cad to fight this and GOD to Provide him Strength within!!! and for Don & his family to maintain peaceful loving faithful hearts during this trying time...

GOD BLESS this Child,

PS: DOCTORS have been wrong many times, they can't determine the almighty WILL of the Child and the POWER from ABOVE...Keep the FAITH HIGH!!!

Anonymous said...

My mothers' initial dianosis with breast cancer was for a 10% chance of surviving for 36 months. She eventually passed away 9 years later. Good, positive energy is being sent your way.