Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Nothing ever goes wrong in my world!


My dear friend Sister Mary Beth has an uncanny sense of knowing when to send me a message. This week is one filled with some personal challenges for me, but Sister Mary Beth sent through a message that I can't ignore...her message?

Do all the good you can with what you have
...then, you can find the peace to believe:
Nothing ever goes wrong in my world!

So many of you have contributed to the Religious Teachers Filippini, for which I am so grateful. Please click here to read Sister Mary Beth's own letter of gratitude to you:

Many, many thanks - and lots of strength and fortitude to find the peace that will unite us all,


ps - Aren't these children in the photo just precious? Sister is sending more and more photos of the children who are benefitting from your generosity. I will continue to share these gems!!!

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