Thursday, December 14, 2006

Help if you can!

Hi friends!

Please read this letter that my brother Michael wrote to The North Face. If anyone has a contact at TNF would they please respond to this post.
Thank you in advance.
Have a wonderful day

Dear Sirs,My dear friend Wanda has always been an avid outdoor sports enthusiast. Andher favorite outdoor clothing has always been North Face. On her birthdaythis year, 8/02, she received what was to become her favorite outdoorapparel item, a NF "Seven Summits" down vest. She was wearing that vest,under her NF "Alpine Jacket" when she was struck and literally run over by apick-up truck while walking her dog on Nov. 21st. The driver of the truckfailed to slow down or stop at a four- way stop sign and ran over both Wandaand her dog in the middle of a crosswalk. Both Wanda and "Rielee" passedunder the truck. With her feet toward the curb and her upper body under thetruck, the front tire ran over and crushed Wanda's pelvis, the rear tire ranover her chest and broke four ribs in her back, her collar bone, left wristand hand. Additionally, the transfer case under the truck slammed into theside of her face and head and smashed her head to the pavement; I will notdescribe the graphic result of this impact.Both Rielee and God saved her life that cold evening. Because Reilee (alarge, 85 lb. field Golden Retriever) was on a leash, and he must havesensed the danger and impact, he pulled hard at Wanda's arm, jerking awayfrom the fast approaching truck and thereby dragging her to the pavement asthe truck hit. Because she was jerked flat to the ground as the truck hit,and stretched out as Rielee pulled, her life was spared. During her 18 daysin the hospital every Dr. has commented on the miracle of her survival: nonewould venture a guess at the odds her blessing. Wanda went home on Sat., Dec. 9th, in a wheelchair, with a walker. Sheis/was a wonderful, very active single Mom of a 14 year old daughter, fulltime sole income earner to support her small home, and an angel in everylife that she touches. God spared her life on Nov. 21st because he knewthis world is a better place while she is here in it.After the uninsured, illegal immigrant ran over my dear friend, theEMT's at the scene had to literally cut the leash that had tangled aroundWanda's arm, as well as cut off all of the clothing that she wore. Her NFvest and jacket, along with the sweater and sweat pants that she waswearing, were sheared up the front and back, into two pieces so they couldbe removed at the scene to access the damage to her body.Now, why am I telling you this? It's because I'm trying to reach out to anyand all people that I think can help to boost Wanda's spirits and aid in herrecovery...which will be long and painful to say the least. Now that she ishome and faced with the world of reality and financial responsibility, sheis sad and depressed, especially given her inability to do what gives her somuch joy during the Holiday season; help and give to others. All of herhard earned saving will go to pay medical bills and she has a very real riskof loosing her home due to income that will be lost.It's because of the very special person that she is that I am asking othersto help her; its Christmas and while she would certainly never ask fora gift for herself, Id like to help make it a special one for her, oneshe will remember because just a little of all the positive energy sheput out into the world came back to bless her. Therefore, I am asking if North Face would help me, and many others, to sendsome positive energy Wanda's way: by replacing the vest or jacket that wasdestroyed due to this accident. Your small effort would provide a hugeblessing into the life of a very special, very needy person that suffered atragic lose, through no fault of her own. Please help me help a dear friendthis Christmas.To verify the facts of this story and to confirm that I am not pulling yourleg, or trying to personally profit from this tragedy, please use thefollowing resources:Accident date: 11/21/06Location: Lake Forest, ILContact LF Police: (847) 243-2601Accident Report # 06 12733Reporting Officer: Nagle If North Face would consider my request and be willing to be a ChristmasAngel in the life of someone who really is in physical and spiritual needthis Holiday season, please contact me @ 708 227-4669.Thanks for your time and efforts,Respectfully,Michael Smith

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping to put some positive energy out into the world for Wanda. You are a blessing in my life and in the many lives you reach out to touch...I love you dearly.