Friday, October 06, 2006

Good article

Happy Friday to everyone!
I am out the door soon to go and run for 1:30 and then on Sat. I meet several people to do a long run, there about 15 people here running the NYC marathon next month and most of them are now coming to the track workout I put on in Jackson on Wed. It has been so much fun!!!
Below is a very good article that was in the New York Times.
If you have not gotten your copy of Trail Runner, Nov. issue it is worth going to buy one:)
The cover story is about the Tetons and there is also an article on the Badwater double!
Have a wonderful day
HEALTH   | October 5, 2006
The New Age:  Old but Not Frail: A Matter of Heart and Head
A central issue only now being systematically addressed is why some people age well and others do not.

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