Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy Friday

Happy Friday!
We are still on vacation:)
Our kids have been to the zoo, have watched the Buffalo Sabres practice hockey and have had Birthday cake and cupcakes about everyday:) So you can guess who else is eating these to?
Fall is in the air! I love the smell in the air of summer turning into fall. The leaves falling off the trees and the brilliant colors. We will be driving to Vermont today until late Monday. The colors of the trees will be worth the drive! Our friends have a farm that we will be staying at as well as checking out the area to put on future events.
Looks like I wont be running the Vermont 50 this Sunday. I made my decision last night. Walking around the zoo my foot hurt so running 50 miles on it would not be smart. The old Lisa would have not even thought twice about a broken toe or any kind of pain!
Maybe this is called the aging process or even growth? I have no desire to start a race in pain:) I have several coaching clients running the race and Jay is running to so I will get to stand on the sidelines and help out this way.
I hope you all have a great weekend.
Many Blessings


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