Wednesday, August 30, 2006

sit down for this one!

Good morning to all of you!
The first email I opened this morning was from Sister Marybeth!

Hi Lisa...grand total today......................
I am just blown away by this number that we have raised for the Badwater double and the money still comes in each day!!! Trail Runner and Running Times both are doing articles and I am so thankful. Imagine if we all do something to help the world become a better place? Yes, we do make a difference, a big difference.
The Teton Races are this weekend and we are really looking forward to them. The weather looks perfect. Our house is full right now with friends from all over the USA!
Being a race director is tons of work but I look at putting on a race as a family reunion to get to see everyone I adore and care about.
Have a great day

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