Tuesday, August 15, 2006


 I find this very interesting. I love to suck on peppermint candy and even smell peppermint when I am in a race. It really seems to help me run better! Might be crazy but true!
Hope you had a great day

Bryan Raudenbush, Nathan Corley, and William Eppich
Wheeling Jesuit University
Previous research has indicated that odorant presentations can have both positive and negative effects on psychological perceptions of athletic task performance. The present study extends past research by assessing how the administration of peppermint odor affects actual athletic task performance. Forty athletes undertook a series of physical tasks under conditions of no-odor or peppermint odor. The peppermint odor condition resulted in increases in running speed, hand grip strength, and number of push-ups, but had no effect on skill related tasks such as basketball free-throw shots. The implications are particularly salient in regard to enhancing athletic performance using a nonpharmacological aid and as an adjunct to athletic training

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