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foods that work!

 This is such great information and all about the foods we eat in our house! I ate so many avacados during my Badwater double and have to tell you it is my top race food!
Camp is going to be a blast this week, I wish you were all here with us

Look at avacados!!!!
Free radicals cause cellular damage, accelerate aging and contribute to the development of diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. Along with eating a highly nutritious low calorie diet, maximizing your intake of foods rich in antioxidants is an excellent approach to anti-aging and disease prevention.  Blueberries are one food that is absolutely loaded with antioxidants. They protect against sun damage, support eye health, are high in fiber, low in naturally occurring sugars, and contain a potent dose of proanthocyanidins beneficial for skin, cognitive function and cardiovascular health. This same antioxidant activity is also present in pomegranate, pink grapefruit and tomatoes which makes them all the rage for cancer protection and heart health.
Avocados contain glutathione, one of the most potent antioxidants and disease fighting agents available. Unfortunately avocados, high in monounsaturated fats, have gotten a bad rap during the past lowfat era. But, depriving yourself of avocados will only work to impede your weight loss while definitely depriving you of a source of healthy fats and antioxidants good for any complexion. Studies show that people sustain their nutrition program longer and have greater weight loss on a diet that contains about 30% healthy monounsaturated fat, like those in avocados, rather than a lowfat diet. This is because fats, when eaten in the proper balance with carbohydrates, can help to slow the release of sugars into the blood stream, thereby triggering less insulin release. Insulin is basically the hormone which instructs the body to store energy as fat while preventing the use of stored energy, making it a dieter’s nemesis if levels are too high.
Your skin certainly needs healthy fats to stay supple—but water is the key to preventing fine lines and a dehydrated appearance. Our skin, like the rest of our body is comprised mostly of water. Sufficient water is crucial to prevent joint stiffness, weight gain, headaches, decreased athletic performance and poor recovery after exercise. In general, the eight cup guideline is sufficient, but if you exercise or are in the sun you will require more.
Green tea
This is yet another compelling miracle food. Studies have found that just four cups daily can result in weight loss without a change in diet and exercise! Green tea also contains antioxidants useful for cancer protection and, if taken regularly, can help to lower cholesterol, improve blood sugar balance and increase your energy. It is energizing (it does contain caffeine) yet calming at the same time due to theanine, a natural compound in the green tea that blocks the release of stress hormone. 
Bone density, hormonal balance and cholesterol levels change as we age but having a serving of soy daily can help to lower cholesterol, keep your bones strong, improve heart health, protect the prostate and ease the symptoms of menopause.
The therapeutic effect of soy is due to the phytoestrogens naturally occurring in soybeans. Simply a cup of soymilk, a handful of soy nuts or a palm-sized serving of tofu can do the trick.
With the tofu, steamed or stir fried broccoli is your next best choice. Some sources say that just 2½ cups of broccoli a week is all that you need to reduce your risk of various types of cancer. Broccoli is high in fiber, numerous minerals and vitamins, as well as a compound called indol-3-carbinol (I-3-C). I-3-C is an anti-cancer compound because it helps to convert estrogen, linked to breast and prostate cancers, into a less harmful metabolite.
Wild Fresh Salmon
Fresh, wild salmon is my next miracle food primarily because it is so high in essential fatty acids, which help to keep our skin smooth (salmon has been called a “wrinkle curing” food) and are natural anti-inflammatory compounds. All of the cell membranes in the body are comprised of fatty acids and our brain is over 70% fatty tissues. It is not surprising then that the fats in salmon are crucial for a healthy mind and memory, along with their well documented cardiovascular benefits like blood pressure regulation and cholesterol balance. 
For snacking, raw nuts like almonds and walnuts are your top choices as they are rich in healthy oils, zinc, selenium, vitamin E and provide a mixed protein and carbohydrate source good for the carbohydrate-conscious eater desiring weight loss. Snacking on these or adding them to salads or oatmeal five times per week can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, as well as lowering cholesterol too.

Red wine
The French have had it right for a long time with their consumption of red wine. Consumed in moderation (four cups per week for women; seven for men—and not all on the same night) red wine can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer and heart disease. It is the antioxidant polyphenols, especially catechins and reservatrol, found in the skin and the seeds of grapes that help to prevent the development of certain cancers and inhibit inflammation. Another benefit of red wine is that it is a good digestive aid when taken with meals.
Golden flaxseed
Cancer has recently become the number one cause of death in Canada, surpassing heart disease. Ground golden flaxseed is my final chosen miracle food because of its cancer protective ability. Adding two to three tablespoons of flaxseeds to your smoothies, oatmeal, salads or cereals daily can significantly reduce the risk of breast, prostate and colon cancer, along with providing a good source of fiber and essential fatty acids. The lignans in the flaxseeds, rather than the oil, are the cancer protective compounds.  To prevent the oils from going rancid, be sure to purchase ground flaxseed in a vacuum sealed package and keep them in the freezer. Better yet, you can grind your own.

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Great advice!
One of the things I concluded after working with Coach Lisa is that nutrition is going to have just as much of an impact on your race as training miles.

Bill Graney