Wednesday, April 19, 2006


 If you could live anywhere in the World where would it be and why?
Love to know your answers.
I will start back to training today. My next race will be the Bishop 50 mile on May 20th.
My good friends are the Race Directors of this race and they do a great job!
June, I was going to do Ironman Idaho but I have not been able to train on the bike or the swim so I will continue to train for Badwater and find a long race in June.
The sun is out today but it was 32 degrees this morning!!! Yikes.
Have a great day
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen


Anonymous said...

I would like to live in Juneau, Alaska. Love the area and the people. Would like to own a bar and a fishing boat. Do not know anything about running a bar or fishing but I could learn...

I think a good race for you in June is the Western States in CA. Let's go!!

Anonymous said...

I miss being on the east side of the Sierras...from Lone Pine to Bishop. You have wonderful opportunities for road & mtn biking, trail running (desert & mtn) and scaling peaks. Plus, the temperatures are more moderate. Not many coldish days, plenty of sunshine. If you want snow, just drive west to the mtns and go up til you hit it.

Anonymous said...

For a long June race, don't forget the Mohican 100 (

If I could live anywhere, right now it would be in Kiawah, SC. It is place that is very special me and is filled with wonderful memories. I love the climate too. My husband and I hope to make this dream come true in another 10 years.

willabrams said...

anywhere near you

Anonymous said...

Sure - come out here and do Mohican. Stay here, bring the family, I could pace you. You could even practice your open-water swims. Squaw Peak makes a nice last-long-run before Mohican.

Olga said...

I think I'd like Sisters, OR. Have all the nice features of portland (trails, mountains) minus rain plus desert, and fewer busy-looking people.
Lets do Squaw together! Then come with jay to WS so we can finally meet in person:)

Niki said...

Near my family... they mean the world to me.

bizyah said...

A thousand places all at the same time! But a narrower list would put Minneapolis on top--friends and family make it impossible to leave for too long, but if I were less connected that way, Teton Valley wins in a heartbeat. My favorite spot in the whole wide world is standing on the saddle between Mary's Nipple and Peaked Peak. I can't imagine a place that could make me feel better!