Tuesday, March 21, 2006

update sent to my coaching clients


 Hello everyone!
We will be leaving for the Marathon Des Sables on very early Monday April 3rd. I will not be able to return email on Monday. I will be able to check my email Tue. April 4th through Thursday April 6th. Then I will be off line until I can check again after the race sat. April 15th. During the time I am not able to answer questions you may email coaching client, friend and coach Ray Zahab with any emergency questions about your training. Ray will be able to give you the best possible answer in my place. Ray's email is ecofit@yahoo.com
During the MDS I will be sending an update to my blog each day. If you want to follow the race check out my blog and also go to the race web site.www.darbaroud.com (click on the little British flag to bring up the English text) for important race updates.
You can send us emails while we are in the race as well! To sign up for my blog go to www.lisasmithbatchen.com
The applications for the Grand Teton Races are now being accepted.
Trail marathon, 50 and 100 mile!
The course is beautiful. Race dates are Sept. 2rd and 3rd.
Go to www.tetonraces.com to sign up. We are sure to sell out this year.
Make sure you make your reservation at Grand Targhee Resort now to make sure you have a great spot to sleep and rest. The start finish line is right at the resort.
Great place to bring your family and friends. Spectators can ride the chair lift to watch you run up the hill!
Many new and exciting things are happening with Dreamchasers and I will do much better at keeping you posted. Soon you will be able to pay for your coaching fee on-line through active!
We have many new products that we will be selling that we will introduce to you when we return from the MDS. If you are in need of any products at this time please let us know by end of the week to ensure you get them before we leave.
Please visit the web site about the exciting camps that we are putting on. The May and Aug. camp with Marshall Ulrich are filling up so make sure you get a spot. All details about the camps are on the web site.
Jay and I will both be speaking at the Desert Spring Ultras on Sat. April 22nd. We will be showing the Outdoor Life Network film of the Marathon des Sables and then talking about multi day stage races and gear. Love to see you all. The Race Director of these events is also the RD of the Desert Rats multi day stage race set up very much like the MDS.
The race is in June. They are now offering to all of you a free race entry if you get 5 other runners to sign up! This is a great. I will run the Desert Rats next year, very happy to have this race here in the USA!
Below are several success stories and races from Dreamchaser clients. If you are not on this list that just means you will be on the next one update!:)
Heath: PR marathon 3:30:30
Olga: Hagg Lake 50k, 3rd girl
Nattu: 100k in Florida, 12:14:45! Had a PR for even the 50 mile in this race and ran 3.5
          min. walked 2.5 min. the entire way:)
Bob: Land Between Lakes 60K 7:53, PR by 20 min.
Jim: Has lost 3 belt notches and had exercised 5-6 days a week for the last 2 months!
Mark: 9 trails, PR by 26 min.
Frank: Sarasota marathon 3:53
Sandy: Frozen Ass 50k 4:47..New PR
Aran: Miami marathon: 3:32 and then Ft. Lauderdale marathon 3:28!
Angie: Has lost 30 pounds since the first of the year and is going to curves 6 days a week!
Steve: RR 50 mile 9:19!
Mel:54 mile race with pack 13:37
Beth: first marathon 4:47
Katy:RR 50 5th girl!
Farida: going to cardio rehab 3 days a week and loving it!
Ray: Won the Libya Desert Race!!!
Sandy: 24 hour World Championships in Tawaiin, went head to head with Pam Reed!
Michelle: Marathon PR 3:26 and then 1st Ultra was RR 50 mile, 1st women overall 8:10!!!!
Spring is here! Great time to do the Super Neera Cleanse! For more details just ask!
Have a great day
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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