Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Hi gang!! read the information below! Katherine Hay-Heddle is a client and a Dreamchaser!
She is trying for the 320 miles and is still in after 4days!!
Please send her an email to get her spirits up!!!!
Yukon Arctic Ultra to start Feb. 11th

62 athletes from 13 different nations have signed up for the 4th edition of
the Yukon Arctic Ultra. This is a record!

Once again runners, xc-skiers and mountain bikers will be part of the race.
And even the first skijorer will take up the challenge with his team of
dogs. With more than 90% the runners are by far the strongest contingent.

Updates on the website during the race

I have had a few enquiries if there will be updates on the race on the
website. Yes, there will be news on how the athletes are doing. YAU veteran
Martin Like will come along to volunteer. I have asked Martin to write
reports as often as possible. These reports should also be a bit more
entertaining than what I can write . We will try to have at least one report
per day. What limits the frequency of reports is the fact that we often are
in the middle of nowhere and internet connections are not present, slow or
not working. So, sometimes you will have to be patient with us.

Emails to competitors

It will be possible to send messages to athletes. Again, I can't promise
that all messages get through or get there within a day but we will do our
best to hand on print outs of any emails. Please send the emails to and don't forget to write who the message is for.

Back to the 320 mile race which continues as I write. Last to cross the road at Braeburn, which in my eyes is a major psychological barrier, was Katherine Hay-Heddle. She left the warmth and comfort of the café at 8.00pm last night. Without a flippin doubt, Katherine is one tough cookie. However, she was in some discomfort with her feet on leaving, and I anticipate her progress will be slow and may be her undoing in completing this monster of an event. I would be incredibly chuffed if she can prove me wrong.

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