Monday, May 03, 2010

Running Hope Update from Lisa and Sister Marybeth

Hi everyone....Lisa and Sister Marybeth here! Well we have 12 states down, 600 miles!!! The first 8-10 days were very hard with trying to get into a plan with Lisa and the crew...and things are coming together. Lisa has very sore feet, sleep deprived but in great spirits! Sister MB is doing 20 miles each day. Lisa says that this is harder than she thought it would be but now after 12 states she is feeling better about her running....It has now become a full time job. Wake up 4:30 am and start walking at 5:30 am. It take 10 miles to recover from the day before. At 10 miles Lisa then starts into her run walk plan. At 20 miles take a break and ice feet. From miles 30-40 are hard each day emotionally when so sleepy!! Each day Lisa is running and walking very well from miles 40-50!!! The main foods are Damascus wraps with turkey and cheese. Avacoadeos, tomatoes, blue chips. Peanut butter and jelly, watermelon and oranges and yes...Dunkin Donuts!!! Lisa did not want to eat refined suagr but seems to need it! Drinks of choice right now are Hammer Heed, Nuun Juel, Organge Juice and any kind of Juice with calories! It has been very hot the past few days so we are thankful for Salt Stick and enduralytes...Lisa has needed in 1 salt stick an hour and 3 enduralytes every 30 min. 97 degrees with humidity in Maryland!!! We are so thankful to all those who are helping on and off the road and to all those who have come out each day to support us. Please continue to help get the word out..this is all about awareness! $1 from 1 million people...we can do it with your help!
Join the Running Hope To America Facebook Page. "alone we can do so little, together we can do so much"!
Each day Lisa is finding that she needs to have time to herself. Time to draw into the energy that is needed to complete each day. We ask that if Lisa ask to have space, run or walk alone that we all honor this. At times it has become difficult to keep on her pace when talking to others.
What would be best if you are going to come and join us is to meet Lisa at 5:30 am at the start of the day and walk the first 10 miles with her or come later in the day when she has 10 miles left.
If you plan to run the entire 50 miles we ask that you run ahead of Lisa on the course and even lap her if needed:) Getting into the mental focus of 50 miles a day and talking has become hard at times. We are so thankful to and for all of you.....God Bless you and lve you all.
Why don't you all go and run 1 mile today, think about 1,000 kids and make a $1 donation!

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