Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Well, the first days are the hardest days,
don't you worry anymore
When life looks like Easy Street,
there is danger at your door
Think this through with me
Let me know your mind
Wo-oah, what I want to know
is are you kind?

-The Dead, Uncle John’s Band

Hi Guys,

This is Colleen and I just spoke with Lisa on the phone. She’s in Virginia and was logging miles with our dear friend, Anne Marie Deale. Remember Anne Marie? Lisa helped Anne Marie make a dream come true back in November 2008 when
they finished Ironman Arizona together.

Lisa seems to be adapting to life on the road – and on her feet – really well. She said that life can be boiled down to a few tasks each day…getting up and dressed, meditating for the day’s start, eating, and seeing that the word gets out so people will join the walk and help the cause. Lisa and I have often spoken of the beauty of distilling life down to its simplest forms and while the logistics and the planning and execution are incredibly intricate…the trick is to keep it simple and get ‘er done!

They say the first days are the hardest days…and I get the sense from talking to Lisa today that she has crossed over this divide. A big milestone, for sure.

So today, Lisa and her awesome crew are in Virginia and tomorrow they’ll be hitting Raleigh, NC.

At the end of the day, it will be 650 miles down…

…and the completion of 13 states.


Keep on keepin’ on


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