Wednesday, May 19, 2010

RHTA Day 25 Frankfort, KY

Memorable Fire Drill!
Good Shepherd School was having a fire drill just as Lisa and Sr. Mary Beth were passing by. What encouragement and great rounds of applause! Today Sr. MB spoke to the children of Good Shepherd School about the orphans that she and Lisa are trying to help.
It was a great day to run. Plenty of cloud cover in a peaceful beautiful city!


steve cannon said...

Lisa, u r doing fantastic!! On those days u must walk, think of it as a gift from ur mind to your body. "today, body, u can rest". let the mind/spirit/soul take in all the beauty at a little slower pace and soon the body can return the favor to the mind as it jogs a long a bit quicker. We are all with you!!!!

Team Pace with Purpose.....on the run! said...


Hello and I hope you are well. My running partner and I are ultra runners with a cause as well. We are wondering when you will be running through Indiana. We would love to meet up with you.....maybe the whole 50! Visit our blogspot at
Emily Ryan