Thursday, May 20, 2010


Just a quick correction to the last post. I would not have bothered but it's a neat story. Good Shepherd School (below) was actually not having a coincidental fire drill as Lisa came by. I (Ashley) had called them (as planned early that morning without Lisa knowing) to let them know when Lisa was coming by, as the school was along the route. They fire drilled all of the kids out of the school FOR Lisa because they wanted to cheer her on as she was running through Frankfort, Kentucky. We are so proud of her and happy that we got to be her halfway mark! Thank you Good Shepherd School for your support, and for asking Sister Mary Beth to speak to you about our cause!


Jeff B. said...

What an honor! Keep it up Lisa, you are going to make it. I look forward to running with you in Phoenix on one of your final legs! You are incredible, keep it up.

Move over Dean and Pam, there is a new top Ultra-Marathon Woman!

Right Brain Runner said...

Hi Lisa, I just found your blog thru Facebook....and hear a similar voice to my own, even if you are running on a whole different level than I am! I send all good wishes for success in your endeavors, and will be following your progress!!