Monday, April 26, 2010

In Portsmouth today at the beach!

To the right is Lisa and Sister Mary Beth at Jamaica Pond in Boston, Massachusetts. Isn't it beautiful? They walked/ran this path around the pond all day that day.

Yesterday, Lisa suffered some pain in her right shin. We iced her up and took as good of care of her as we could. Her route was a bit hilly so we adjusted it and recalculated to make it better for her leg. We had the most giving people with us yesterday and were well taken care of. We had hotels sponsor us. The Hilton here in Portsmouth, New Hampshire where we are running today gave us two rooms for the night, and were overly kind to us providing whatever we might need. A top notch restaurant in Maine gave us a free meal last night and we were all treated with excellent service and food at Federal Jack's after Lisa ran. It was right in Kennebunkport and the scenery was beautiful...right at the port itself.

Today, Lisa is feeling better, and running right along the beach in Portsmouth. It's gorgeous here. Continue praying for her leg please! More pictures will come soon!

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