Monday, April 26, 2010


It's a gorgeous, sunny day today here at the beach! Lisa is doing great and we have such amazing people here helping us. Frank is providing us with dinner tonight and has been so giving to us all day with whatever our needs might be. Sherpa John is our captain here in Portsmouth and he's been so great to hang out with us all day and also help with anything we need. What great people we have had with us on our journey. Frank's daughter donated her First Communion money this morning. How cute is that?

Have I mentioned how beautiful the beach is? There are shells along the beach, and Lisa is looking forward to sitting in the water after her run. The cold water will soothe her muscles, and walking/sitting in the sand will be great after a long run right?

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Sister Julie said...

Lisa, I am so proud of what you are doing, and the grace with which you do it! Our prayers are with you.
Sister Julie Vieira, IHM, of A Nun's Life Community