Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lisa is about halfway done with her run today here in Kennebunk! We have set up our "homebase" in front of an awesome little bicycle shop on Arundel Road (?). The people have been fabulous! We had people come out from the very start to run with Lisa and everyone has been so kind to us. It's yet another beautiful day as well!

We are less than five miles away from one of George Bush's homes! Cool eh? Currently, the boys have gone away to dump our poop so we are without the RV for a couple hours. No worries...they left everything here that we will need for Lisa and Sister Mary Beth! Debi Rix has been a big help here running errands with us (groceries), helping us find a place to dump our RV, finding hotels, and anything we need. And thank you Tom for letting us be here at the bike shop for the day! What a great place.

Currently, Lisa is in some pain in her shin, but we have attached an ice pack to her and she's using walking poles for a few miles around. Pray she feels better. We have measured out the route for her to finish this evening at the beach, so she should have a great finish later on today!

Thank you!