Sunday, October 05, 2008

Shoshone ------> Baker (mile 382.62)

Mild heart attack averted.

I've been obsessively checking the Time Station splits page on the Furnace Creek 508 site like a woman desperately trying to avoid exercising. (Which, I most certainly am not doing. Not at all. Not one bit.)

The more I hit "refresh" the more anxious I get. There's been no time posted next at Shoshone. It's a very tough stretch with tons of incline, and I've noticed that the DNF rate is increasing exponentially. I knew that Lisa wasn't one of those folks, but the fact that she hadn't hit Shoshone meant she hadn't finished 73 miles within 14 hours of riding.

Add to that the fact that she hadn't shown up on Spot for a while, I got a wee anxious. I text Jay, just because he loves it when I text him repeatedly. But he writes back that he's heard nothing. I call Colleen, my trusty repository of all news. No word.

Finally, I get a text back from Jay that Lisa is 14 miles outside of Baker which means the official 508 website didn't report her stop at Time Station #4. Which can only mean that she blew by them so quickly they weren't even sure if what had passed them was human.

So forget about Shoshone; our girl is practically at Time Station #5, Baker. Word on the web is that this part of the 508 is the least hellacious of the 8 stages. This is a bit like saying having your pinky toe gnawed off by rabid wolves is the least hellacious of the 5 toes, but I suppose it's something.

I'll update the blog when Lisa hits Baker. Assuming that she goes by it slow enough for them to register her time.


will abrams said...

go lisa, trust your work!!!!!!!!!

will abrams said...

112 miles would only be a warm-up for you now!!!!!!!!!


will abrams said...

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

Harriet Tubman

AnthonyP said...

Way to go Lisa !!

Michele Jensen said...

Lisa - you rock! Keep it up, I'm enjoying watching your progress - inspiring as usual!

Anonymous said...

race results are showing: she's through baker! yay, lisa!

Anonymous said...

I am so confused as to where you are right now and what time it is . . . I HATE TIME ZONES! But, by reading others' posts, I see that you've got to have less than 100 miles. Outstanding! Any thought of turning around once you finishing and doing it backwards for a cool 1016?

Keep it up!!!

- Ted

Bob Becker said...

Lisa, if you get a little tired, just feel for a moment that huge fan club of yours pushing from behind. We're all there with you, Kid!
Bob Becker

Anonymous said...

Keep on going, Lisa! You are amazing
! Bob's right, you have a fan club pushing from behind! Ann

Anonymous said...

Lisa- Getting closer to the finish and incredible- absoulutely incredible!
Steve W.