Sunday, October 05, 2008

Furnace Creek ------> Shoshone (mile 326.39)

Just a quick update -- Lisa finished up the most brutal section of the race and clocked into the Furnace Creek Time Station at five minutes before 6:00 AM. (17 hours and 55 minutes)

NB: Never have an art major figure out your splits. If the race started at 7:00 AM on Saturday morning, I can safely say -- after 6 hours of careful study -- that 18 hours later cannot be 6:00 AM on Sunday, unless Lisa cycled through a worm hole in Towne's Pass.

According to sources who are knowledgeable in these sorts of things, 7:00 AM plus 18 hours = 1:00 AM, not 6:00 AM.

No recent news from the crew, but checking in with their Spot, we can see that Lisa is indeed closing in on Shoshone. Spot 1 is her location at 07:49:33 a.m and Spot 2 is her location at 09:19:56 a.m.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Lisa! GO FAST You're doing Great!
Jill & Andy

Dusty said...

Lisa I've been watching your progress all day long and I'll be waiting to see you on the webcam! Well done. Everything you've accomplished is fantastic! Congratulations to you and Sister MB for raising $500,000.

Looking forward to seeing you cross the finish line and get your medal!

Here's the link to the webcam if anyone needs it: