Sunday, October 05, 2008


Time warp confirmed.

Apparently the race timers were just a bit behind on posting the results because they've now put up the info that Lisa blazed through Shoshone at 27 hours and 22 minutes.

She then cycled through a wormhole somewhere around the Ibex Pass, because according to the site she cruised into Time Station #5 in Baker at 7:00 hours and 55 minutes.

I hear that based on the special theory of relativity Lisa could theoretically, be traveling faster than the speed of light. Skeptics might argue that this would be impossible due to the fact that to accelerate to the speed of light any particle, including Lisa, having subluminal velocity would require infinite energy. This means that to surpass the speed of light (in a homogeneous space) Lisa would need more than infinite energy. However, this can easily be explained-- Lisa has many, many packets of GU in the crew van.

Should Lisa have cycled through an alternate energy-vacuum located somewhere between the World's Largest Thermometer and the Mad Greek Restaurant both in Baker, then she could indeed have arrived at Time Station Five in 8 hours.

Or the website could have just screwed up.

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