Sunday, October 05, 2008

Baker ------> Kelso (mile 417.55)

The 508 website has been updated with non-time warp stats, and Lisa passed Kelso around 7:00 PM! She's en route to the second to last stop at Almost Amboy.

Those who followed Lisa's previous attempt at the 508 know that she didn't make it to Kelso last year. She was forced to stop just 100 miles from the finish due to a very serious back problem.

But this year is different, not in a small part due to the fantastic bikes she's riding thanks to the generosity of some amazing people.

For non-cyclists like myself, a bike is a bike. But to take on one of the hardest endurance bike races in the world like the 508, having the appropriate bike can mean the difference between finishing and a DNF.

Last year Lisa rode over 400 miles on a bike that wasn't suited to her, and wasn't ideal for the conditions of the particular race. Her back paid the price. This year, she's riding on some beautiful bikes.

The first one comes thanks to Leigh Corbin and her friend Dr. Kay (below) of the most wonderfully named "Ouch Sports Medical Center". This BMC bike is "fast and amazing" according to Lisa. She'll be using it for climbing.

The second bike is lent to her by her friend Aran and is a lovely little pink number which looks very sharp with Lisa's Pearl Izumi shirt, I must say.

The third bike was sponsored by a very good friend of Lisa's who does not want to be named.

So this year, rather than one bike that proved to be the wrong one, Lisa has three bikes thanks to some very generous friends. As Lisa said to me the email describing the bikes and the people who provided them: "What can I say? I am blessed..."


Anonymous said...

Go Lisa Go!!!
Almost there....

Lisa B said...

I've been "watching" the race from the beginning. Lisa, you are strong and steady. There's no stopping you now! You are almost there. On on to the finish!! Whoo hoooooo!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Super Lisa!
You're looking GREAT, way to ride the bike. The entire Triumph family is cheering for you. Stay strong and be happy! You're an inspiration. - Tom