Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Race morning: 5:45 am. Jared, Bob and Lisa..race #7 Athleta skort, jog bra and top! Smith Optics sunglasses, Dreamchaser Buff, Pearl I. road shoes and smart wool socks!
God love these people and crew!!! Mark, Helene, Lisa and Todd!

Sure looks different than Tucson!

The most important bit of information is that Leigha, Helene's daughter is going to be just fine. They have some things to get worked out with the blood sugar but it was a good thing we went back to Helene and Todd's home. And the best news of all is that Todd is going to come run the Teton 50 mile, Helene the trail marathon and Leigha is going to babysit our girls for us on race weekend!!! The photo to the right is Todd, race director extraordinary Bob Becker, Me (Athleta top:)) and Helene.

It was so fun to see water. Bob Becker the wonderful race director has the most amazing view from there condo..it was a spot that you would never want to leave..no wonder he and his bride Sue love it so much! The photo below is me..ha! all decked out in my Athleta skort and shirt:)

Mark is driving the crew van and Todd is showing off his six pack.

It was so great to have these guys all there for me. My stomach still hurts from all the laughing.
Ok..so my new food plan: I decided that I was going to take it pretty easy for the first 50 miles of the race to test out my need food plan and it felt great. I felt great.
This is what I did and plan to continue to use.
Pre race: bag of sharkies, bottle of nuun, 2 enduralytes and a banana
Race: sliced oranges, watermelon, turkey and yellow cheese sandwich with mayo!
I had them give me a 1/4 of a sandwich every 30 min..
I drank only water and nuun.
Took 1 salt stick and hour
2 enduralytes every 30 min.
Corn chips here and there
2 Tylenol every 3 hours
It was 93-95 degrees with 90% humidity and there was a 3 mile stretch where I have never and I mean never felt so hot..not even at Badwater.
Protein seems to work the very best for me along with the fruit. My stomach never felt sick at all , I was peeing just fine and it all felt good. This is what I have been using at home at well and feel that in the heat this is my answer to prayers!
It seems that it was hot all over the place last weekend for the races. Great job and effort to you all.
All in all I had a wonderful weekend in Florida..it all turned out even if it was not the way I went there for! The pre race talk I did on "running for a purpose" was so fun and it seems that it has motivated some others. It it touches just one person than we have made a difference.
Have a wonderful day


Anonymous said...

It is so good to see photos of the things you talk about.
I bet it was hot. You look nice is your skirts!!!


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

You bet...I sure do love my skirts, have one is every color:)
I am so blessed

AnthonyP said...

Different then Tuscon ? A whole other world, right ! :)

Glad you had a wonderful weekend.

Meredith said...

Great pictures!!! More recruits for the Tetons!!! :) I like dried fruit on my runs as well, though it is hard to find dried fruit without HFCS :(

Anonymous said...

Great job Lisa!!


Michele Jensen said...

Thanks for the info about your food plan. I find protein upsets my stomach, so it's interesting how different things work for different folks. There were people eating ice cream sandwiches and pizza during Miwok - that would never work for me!! How many calories do you shoot for per hour? I heard that we are only capable of processing about 250/hr.
Again - great job!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

Good to know you have found what works for your tummy. I bet this means you are going to move much faster in your runs this summer. Good for you.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

I feel 250-300 calories an hour is the max anyone can process in an hour. I personally shoot for 250 but at time fall short to about 230..but feel best at 250.
Larger people need 300 an hour and if they go to 200 they can sure feel the difference.!!!
Happy day

Alan said...

Hi Lisa:

It was nice meeting you at the Keys 100. I am sorry you had to withdraw, but you ran a great 50!

Hope to catch you on teh road again.

Bob Gentile said...

Love the Pics Coach and thanks for the sharing ur fuel line up with us...Turkey sandwiches i have tried and seem to work for me as well.

Happy Trainings towards BW!!

Kay said...

I'm so glad that Helene's daughter is okay. And thanks, Lisa for the food information and the great pix!


Anonymous said...

Love the update, thank you, and glad Helene's daughter is well! (And I really want a cheese sandwich right now. :))