Sunday, May 18, 2008

Florida Keys 50:)

Happy Sunday to you all!!!

I had a very good fun 50 mile race!!
Yes, was to run the 100 but a few things happened the night before the race that was really only going to allow me time to run the 50 miles.

Helene one of my wonderful crew members daughter has type 1 Diabetes. We were about to go to bed on Friday night and Helene got a call that her daughters blood sugar was 500..I did not know a great deal about the illness but I do now. Needless to say we almost had to drive back at 3am Sat. morning and miss the race completely. I could not run without a crew.
Helenes daughter (Leiha) was staying with friends. It took 7 hours to get her blood sugar levels back to normal but it did not leave Helene or any of us in peace, Helene needed to get home.
Family first, always first!

I only had 1.5 hours sleep on Friday night and felt just 50 to only run the 50 mile race.
I got to the race start line at 5:30 am with all the 100 mile runners and the relay teams
but did not have the heart to ask my dear friend and race director if I could drop down to the 50 mile which did not start until 10am. I could go back and sleep a few hours..but being a race director myself and knowing how much you are doing the morning right before the start I just stuck with the 100 start but in my heart about knew I was going to have to leave at 50 miles.
I felt really good...I ran the first hour easy talking to people, then got into a 4/1 plan until it got hot and the humidity picked up. I slowed down a bit and stayed with 4/1 and every once in awhile walking for 5 minutes.
My nutrition was perfect. I am down to using 5 different foods and tons of water and nuun.
My feet were good and this morning I am not even sore.
10:14 for 50 miles pretty much taking my time and feeling like it was a good training run.

At 50 miles Helene called home and told me she really wanted to go home, she was even willing to take a taxi 4 hours to get home. NOT a CHANCE..I was fine with this and felt that I had another 50 miles under my belt and that I would have continued to feel good.
I was and I am satisfied with my run.

I go home Monday morning...I miss Jay and my girl's but I am thankful to have had this time with Todd, Helene, Bob, Jared..oh and 2 of my friends Mark and Mike who showed up for part of the race...Mark and Mike have both crewed Badwater before and are 2 of the funniest people in the world. Thanks guys for taking the time, making the effort to drive all the way out to the Keys to come and see me.

Thanks to Bob and Susanne for putting up with me on Wed. night and Todd and Helene the rest of the weekend. I had a wonderful time.
Photos and more race details to come this week. the way..Alisa who won the 100 mile...I caught up to her at the 50 mile mark as she was leaving..she is going to be the one I tell you to all watch out for at Badwater...My money is on her! She is strong, aggressive and her power walking is awesome!
It was good to run a few miles with Anita as well..we both had a hard time with the flat and traffic but needless to say it was good to see her to!

Best to you.
I hope you who are reading this today will post your own race results from the weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love your style Lisa - you are such a good role model and mentor! So glad you felt good throughout. xxoo Marcy

Juan said...

I'm glad you let us knw what happened! I was worried that you got hurt. Great 50!

Anonymous said...

Now that I have read this, I am very happy to hear that you are fine. When I saw you DNF'd yesterday, I was worried.
I hope and pray that Helene's daughter is fine now.
Have a safe trip back to Jay and the girls.
Great training run for Badwater!

Bob Gentile said...

I hope Helene's daughter is feeling better now...

Great run for only having 1.5 hours of sleep the night before.

Safe travels back home!

Meredith said...

Your attitude always impresses me :) Good job on a nice 50 mile race. I hope your friend's daughter is feeling better and her blood sugar is under control. thanks for the update, i was quite concerned when i saw the results early this morning.

Anonymous said...

Amazing attitude, as always! Glad to hear the 50 felt so good! I hope Helene's daughter is well. Bella had a nice weekend and looks forward to your return - hugs to mommy! Annemarie

Kay said...

Also hoping all is well with Helene's daughter. What an awesome effort for you, Lisa.


Anonymous said...

as always you inspire and help us all see what is really important in life - family and friends. Great 50! My money is always on you, Lisa. safe travels home to your special family!

Michele Jensen said...

Congratulations on a great 50. You continue to be an inspiration to me. My prayers will be with Helene and her daughter, and I hope she is ok.
Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,

Good going on the 50 miles. How did you decide to run 4/1?
Give us more details please!!!


Lora said...

Family First always!! Smart decision to modify your race, and having no regrets shows us how solid your mental health is.

Always great to travel...but there's no place like home. Enjoy your return.

Hope your friend's daughter is back on track.

olga said...

Lisa, you are a wonderful person, glad you had a good time and are compelled with your decision. There is always next time.

Anonymous said...

as usual great job coach-thinking of you in the keys heat running as i was in the mountains trying to ahere to your advice pw those"hills" and running the downs-made it.....georgie

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa...your time for 50 was great...
and your heart even greater...

keep doing good...

God bless you.

leigh said...

good job Lisa. glad you had a fun time... Great heat training, no? LC

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

Congrats on doing the 50 mile run.... Sorry to here about Helene's daughter, its good that you guys were able to get her blood sugar back down, that is really scary to have it that high. Just wanted to drop a note to say congratulations. Hope all is well,


Larry said...

Great run Lisa! Sounds like the Becker's had a great debut race. I'm glad you had a fun time. All the best!

Dane said...

SO happy to hear you are well!

As per your request, I was able to set a new PR in the marathon in Ogden with a 2:51.

Anonymous said...

50 miles at the beach in the sunshine--I'd take that any day!! Well done :) --Kira

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Thanks for all the great comments..
I am thrilled that my nutrition plan is working for me now...I have tried and tried so many things in the heat and I feel so good about all of this:) yeah..
It is going to be a great summer, I can feel it God willing.
Thanks to all of you for your love and support.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa...Just tried to send this and BT (London) failed again!...ugh...Seriously though. You are the epitome of a true champion and coach. You listen to yourself versus putting yourself into an unnecessary position and truly hurting yourself...I respect that! You remind me so much of a saying on the wall of the swimming pool I practiced for 18 years..."self discipline breeds excellence." So thank you for being you! Miss you from London...Aran PS:...and yes I am running and riding...again! I missed it too much!