Saturday, May 17, 2008

They are off and running!

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Early Morning News from the Keys!

Start time is 6:00am in Key Largo and it's been a long night anticipating this inaugural race to Key West! With a forecast about 94 degrees and 65% humidity, the comfort level will shift as the sun rises and sets. There has been an added crew member as of 2am last night, Mark Bernardi from Delray Beach, FL. Old friend from Badwater couldn't stay away from the fun! Mark's humor and Todd's pacing along with the off-shore breezes will fuel us today.

This is crew member, Helene Milbert, reporting for Lisa. Arriving in Fort Lauderdale a few days ago, Lisa experienced a run in the moist humidity with race director, Bob Becker and then got a good night sleep on Thursday night. Friday morning we arrived at Key Largo to have lunch on the water. At the race kick-off meeting, Lisa gave an encouraging speech on "Running with a purpose".

With adrenaline pumping and all smiles now, we will give you an update later on today!


Meredith said...

Have a great race, Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have an awesome crew with you, you are very lucky :)

Christopher said...


GO Lisa GO!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Lisa and all of the other runners!


Juan said...

Go Lisa!!! Many positive vibes and thoughts going your way. You are running through one of the most beautiful places and where I grew up. You will have much positive energy.

Anonymous said...

YAAAAY!!! Lisa's 3rd Female, 6th Overall!!! 4:55:55
Awesome job, Coach!!
Hugs from Whistler,

Anonymous said...

Sending you more energy, Lisa!!
Will have you on my thoughts all day today.
Stay cool!

Anonymous said...

Go Lisa!! Big hug out to you and Mark--the BEST crew member--EVER!!!!! Keep laughing! Kira :)

Anonymous said...

sending you fast and energetic thoughts from the Tetons. Hope you are feeling our love and support every step of the way.
You are a rock star!

Anonymous said...

GOoooooo LISA!!! Make your move :) We're watching things up here in D.C...can't wait to see your finish! Sending smiles out to everyone!!

When your physical strength is fading, draw upon that inner reserve and fire. There are those that will bend and break, but you're the other kind.

:) Kira

Dane said...

I wish you the absolute best of luck and a wonderful race.

M said...

Go get 'em, but save some for Badwater! (By the way, there's the cutest picture of you in a skirt, smiling as you start the run on their website's intro flash -- you look bad-ass but cute!)

M said...

oh- that's the Badwater website, I mean.