Thursday, April 24, 2008

Television Coverage of Dreamchasers at MDS – WATCH IT HERE!

Thanks so much to sweet Tess Geddes for making me aware of these links to television clips of Dreamchasers at Marathon des Sables.

Here you go – watch for yourself – so exciting!!!

Segment # 1
Features Marianne “Bunny” DeMarco, Jeff Arricale, Sandy McCallum & my husband Jay Batchen!

Segment # 2
Features Ted Archer (deep thoughts on cheeseburgers), Morgan Murri

Segment # 3
Features Clarissa Ward, ABC’s Moscow news correspondent offering her description of going to Morocco to cover the race.

ENJOY! And leave us some comments about these segments and amazing people!
My road to Badwater training is going ver well:) I will first run a 100 mile race in Florida May 17th. I was able to get 18 hours of running and walking in last week all with very big climbs and temps close to 90 or hotter each day. Things are looking good!
Have a great day


Meredith said...

Great clips! i am glad we were able to get the links from you and watch them, since i was unable to catch them live. What a good story. I am impressed that only 50 some runners out of 800 did not finish.

Lisa, way to go with your training!

Bob Gentile said...

OMG wow awesome clips... When I have thoughts on doing this event I will say ""hmmm let me watch those ABC clips again, then I will go OK umm I will stay in the states" --LOL

Congrats again to all U dreamchasers who ran MDS!!

Kay said...

Thanks for posting the clips! I'll let friends and family know. And thanks as always for the updates on your Badwater training. It's very inspiring reading.


Anonymous said...

I bet the race is close to being sold out for next year with the coverage it was given? Go team dream!


Anonymous said...

The coverage was really good, it was fun to see Jay drinking a coke at the end.


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

You said it...the MDS 2009 is close to being sold out and we have tons on the list for 2010!

It is such a great you can tell it sells out so fast and to be honest it should! People from all walks of life want the adventure of a lifetime

Happy weekend

Anonymous said...

Do any of you know if the good morning america show is going to come on with the MDS coverage or not? really thinking about going next year.


Hart said...

great videos!.. and very cool to see jay!