Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MDS Media Coverage Today

UPDATE: Some things for you to tune into today…

On ABC Television

The homepage of ABC News: Nightline features a great article called NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.

We have been advised that the MDS segment will most likely air tonight on ABC World News with Charles Gibson , as well as on Nightline.

Check your local listings for the time this program airs in your neck of the world…and enjoy the programs.

Photo above:
Lahcen Ahansal with Jay at the 2008 MDS finish line.
Lahcen has won the race many times, but this year's victory went to his brother Mohammed.

On the airwaves (available online)

Listen to my husband Jay talk about MDS with Kevin at

Posted 23 April 2008 to EndurancePlanet: From Footwear to Friendships (Today on Endurance Planet we hear from *Marathon des Sables* finisher Jay Batchen who is back home without a blister but with some new friendships.)


Anonymous said...

Looking fwd to watching the coverage and seeing some friendly faces!



Anonymous said...

Jay Batchen you look great with long hair!

Anonymous said...

Will be so fun to see these shows!


Anonymous said...

OK...I just spent a week at the Batchen's house trying to kick my soda habit...and what do I see Jay guzzling at the MDS finish line??? It was so fun to watch the coverage. Bunny...way to channel your inner suburban Mom...and go Jeff!!


Anonymous said...

I don't get ABC News in Bahrain, but thank goodness for the internet, I was able to watch 3 videos, and WOW!! great stuff!!
For those who missed it, here are the links:

Yay Bunny! Yay Jeff! Yay Ted! Yay Jay!


Dane said...

Of course it is today considering I leave for Korea in 2 hours!