Monday, April 28, 2008

Do you want to learn our secrets?

Good morning!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, we sure did. Sunny and over 90 degrees here everyday which makes for good heat training. I have been able to get some real quality runs in the past 2 weeks logging close to 20 hours on my feet. I have to say that I am running better and faster than I have in a few years and I feel it is due more to my cross training exercises that I do 3 days a week. YEAH!!!

Mother's day and father's day is approaching! A great gift to give to mom, dad or anyone for that mater is a gift to come to a training camp and learn all of our secrets!
We now have 3 camp dates set and many more to come very soon.
The 1st camp is in June in the Tetons.

Here is the link to find out details and dates on the camps.

We would love to have you!

Do you want to find the right running shoe?
If you have a low arch you're probably an overpronator ( your arches roll inward too much as you run). Support your arch with "motion control" or "stability" shoes.

If you have a high arch. You're probably an underpronator (your arches don't roll inward enough). Look for flexible shoes described as "cushioning."

If you have a normal arch.
You're a neutral runner (your foot rolls in just enough) and need shoes with basic stability control, usually called a "neutral" shoe.

Dream BIG!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

Sounds like you are doing well with the training which is good to know. Are you still on for the race in Florida? I have a feeling you will win for the women with the training you are doing.
We are looking at the camp in Tucson, it is about time for us.
Kiss the kids


Anonymous said...

Dreaming Big over here in Costa Rica on the hot sunny beach. Maybe a camp here?


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Diane and Mel!!!!

Yes I am on for the 100 mile in Florida, I feel good about it. I am just so looking forward to being part of a race:) It has been some time. I am better on the road than the trails..we shall see. I know it is going to be really hot and humid.
Mel..a camp in Costa Rica would be wonderful but a very long way away for us...we do have one in the works in Australia!!!!

Happy day

Bob Gentile said...

Camp was a blast last year and a great way for me to get introduced to this Ultra Running Community... I highly recommend doing a camp at any level your at...It will help!

See ya in a few weeks in FL Coach !

Lisa Smith-Batchen said... will be so missed at is close to being sold out..
florida will be great..flat will be hard for me, I so love hills but I look forwad to the heat and humidity!!!! ha, ha


Lora said...

I'm coming!! I need those top-secret secrets!!

I can't wait to run the hills of Wyoming with you in June. And a Women's Only Camp, no less -- life is good!!