Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lisa on Live TV Thursday May 1st!!!!

A preview of today’s MDS segment is available on ESPN’s Outside the Line’s HOMEPAGE (upper right-hand corner)

I'm off to the taping!!!


Dear Family and Friends...guess I am tooting my own horn but I think you may enjoy this:)

I have been asked to be a guest on ESPN's Outside the Lines. The show is LIVE at 3:30 pm est, 12:30 pm pacific on ESHNHD and ESPN. The show will be this Thursday May 1st!!

They will have a segment on Jay after my interview. The coverage will be about the Marathon Des Sables.
What an honor.

A friend sent this email to me and these were questions I have asked: I will post again if I do find out this information or when.

What terrific coverage!! Talk to the producer of your segment and see if they'll let you give the URL of your web site, if they're going to post the interview online, and/or if they'll do a graphic ("chiron") of your web site URL to run during the interview. Also, see if they'll let you either link to the interview on their web site or post the video on your site (if you have that capability). Yeah! Best/Geri R

I would also would love for you to take a look at the women's Athleta web site when you get a chance. Great clothing and best darn running skorts:)

Happy day and much love Lisa
The Athleta Chi site is now publicly accessible! The direct link is (no login/password required). Feel free to explore, comment, take the polls, and share the link with your family, friends, colleagues, clients, etc. -- anyone who can help us test before we post a link on Post a comment:)


Anonymous said...

very cool lisa


Becky said...

How exciting! I hope they post the interview online! (those of us w/o cable are at a big disadvantage here!) :-)

Also - LOVE the Athleta site! Running skirts are definitely the way to go!

Anonymous said...

I hope you tape this so I can see it with you one day. Good on you Lisa and Jay.

I agree, the skirts are so fun to run in but I do love all of Athleta clothing to.

From sunny CR


Anonymous said...

Knock 'em dead on the interview today - I know you will!

The Athleta site looks great...I think they should also start a line of clothes for you and the girls can wear matching Mommy and me skorts!

ENJOY today!



Anonymous said...

So wish I could see it. I own 3 of the athleta skorts and love them but need to get a couple more. I'll check and hopefully there will be a link to the video.


Dusty said...


I'm looking forward to watching your interview on ESPN! Awesome!!!


Anonymous said...

We're subscribing to a new satellite network tomorrow, so hopefully I will get to watch it here in Bahrain. I will also check the internet.
Can't wait to watch you!

Hart said...

wish i had tv just to watch this! you and jay are so deserving.. actually.. it's about time mainstream media gave lisa/jay some love!


hopefully they will post the entire program online afterwards.

Anonymous said...

I just watched you on ESPN. I feel like I am a little league player who has Babe Ruth as my batting coach…

Pretty awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa...
how great you looked on tv...and a real clear interview..
so calm and collected!!


God bless you.

Bob Gentile said...

Woo Hoo Coach, I just watched you as well....Great Job and well said about , "The Unknown" I am so relating the Unknown factor to my first 100.

Very Cool for an Adventure race like this to get some ESPN/ABC Airtime, hopefully more future coverage to come of this crazy Ultra Sport :-)

OK TV Star, Enjoy ur day!

Jacqueline Florine said...

You are already a gigantic star in my eyes! Way to go girl.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

I played hookie from work for an hour and went to a co-worker's local house to watch the TV. I saw the piece. That was great...even after years of knowing you did this, I could not have had a full appreciation for the magnitude of the race. The clip on it made that very clear! You looked and sounded great on the interview.

Brendan watched at his college dorm room, too!!

Mary Beth

Anonymous said...

I knew you when! You are my hero!

Anonymous said...

What a Star! Lookin’ good, Lisa. Nice job.


Lora said...

Woohoo!! I watched my Coach on National TV!!

You were great, Lisa--I was so proud!!

I am so friggin excited to do this crazy race next year.

JMP said...

Congrats Lisa on the ESPN story!!

Thought I could watch it live on my PC, but couldn't find the live feed (only the preview). Please post on your blog or send me a link if it hits the ESPN archives.

Bummed that I couldn't catch it at the office. Should have ran home to see it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for bringing to our attention the ESPN's Outside the Lines.

Len & I are so happy for you. We are delighted to know that you, in the past, not ONLY won one year, but are the ONLY US woman to have ever won! WOW! We will tell people. You did a very nice job speaking at today's program. It was interesting to view the race.

We send our Very Best to you, Jay and the children,


Anonymous said...

Let us know if it is re-broadcast or comes online as I couldn't leave work yesterday! 8(
Congrats though and I can't wait to see it.

M said...

Yet again I regret being too cheap to buy a TV.

I looked on ESPN's website, but couldn't find it, but the page was loading slowly, etc.