Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The word diet has to go!!!

Good morning!

I think in the past week I have gotten 5-6 emails talking about the I need to loose weight!

Many of my students are over weight but they are all dropping weight!

How does one become overweight is the big question? It is simple..to many calories compared to how many calories you are burning each day. if you eat a big box of candy and 2 donuts and have no time to exericse you are sure to gain weight.
Weight gain is a very sensitive subject to many and we all go through phases of gaining and then dropping pounds.
In the winter months most seem to gain extra weight but it then comes right off when it gets warmer.

There is no real sure fast way to drop pounds but I do know that saying these 5 words are some of the worst for most.
I AM ON A DIET!!! The word diet is so sabatoging. This word means to so many..I CAN'T, I WON'T. Thinking that you can't have a cookie may lead you to eat 10 of them.
Thinking you can't have a slice of cake may eat at you all day and you may eat the entire cake!
Anyone ever feel like this?????

The year's leading up to memopause, known as perimenopause, are prime time for weight gain. Most women put on a pound a year, mostly around the waist. Out-ofpwhack hormones and slowing down metabolism are a couple of the culprits. But getting older does not have to mean gettting plumper!
Many studies show that the more you work out, the slimmer you will be. Keep your eating habits in check is the answer! Not a diet but making the right choices and getting rid of sugar and white flour. It really is that simple in some way.

If your ready to start to loose weight and you are serious about making some "life style changes"
these are things I suggest that will help you.

Make a list of why you want to do this...

Give youself a pat on the back for getting started with this list

Enlist in a buddy that can help you stay motivated: shoot email me!

Set a goal to loose 1 pound and then set a goal to loose 5 pounds: another pat on the back and maybe even treat yourself to a massage!

Set up exercise dates with friends: write these dates down in your appointment book and keep them in GOLD so that there is not going to be anything that stands in your way of this special time for yourself. Set these exercise dates with people that are of a simular pace so that you feel happy and not over worked. We want you to show up at the next appointment:)

Find something to distract yourself: It is so hard to want something but say I can't. When you are around large amounts of food just make the right choice..pick something off the table that is good for you and stay away from the high sugar foods. Drink a large glass of water, this will help your tummy feel full. You will conquer this!

Plan out what your going to eat and shop for this plan!

Write down everything you eat and drink: This is what I have my students do for 2 weeks. Most of them who are stuggeling are amazed at what really goes into there mouth once they see it on paper!

If you slip up just move forward: so you went for the donut this morning, this does not mean that you need to sabatoge the rest of the day..just move forward and get back on track. We all have setbacks..

Sit down and make a list of all your sabotaging thoughts: what is going through your mind when you want to eat a box of cookies?

Come up with a response for each sabataging thought, even write them down on 3 by 5 inch cards and read them when you need to.

Remind yourself that if you eat because you are depressed, stressed, or lonley it won't solve the original problem, you will end up feeling worse because you got off your new eating plan. Distraction, find one!

Set a big long term goal! Make your plans now, don't wait until the weight comes off. Travel, find a new hobby, change your job...make a list of all the things you have always wanted to do and let's get going.

Now...keep it going..this is a life style change. This is not about looseing 50 pounds and then gaining it back again. This is about changing the way you do things.
You are the one who goes to the grocey store and buys the food, you are the one who puts the food in your mouth...right?
Distractions and goals are so very important for those who struggle with weight.

Try to take 1 bad food out of your diet today and this week and continue to move forward.

We are all here to support you and to help your goals and dreams come true!

1 pound at a time.



Anonymous said...


This is such a good post and a good reminder for people like me who try so hard to not eat junk food. As you know I have a thyroid problem and for so long used this as my excuse that I was fat. Wrong, this just means all that you say in your post, it is about the choices we make.

Thank you

Cindy :)

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Cindy...thank you.

I am not so sure about people with thyroid problems or people who are on certain medications. Some of this does cause weight gain and as I understand it for some this can't be helped. What we can help is the choices of food that we buy and put in our moutn. It was great to talk to you last week and I look forward to seeing you next week for some sun and fun:)

Anonymous said...

keeping a food log is the only way that i have been able to really see the truth. it sure does help me.
thanks for this and the other ideas

leigh said...

great post Lisa. it's good to hear this every now and again.