Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kids need your help today Feb. 19th..must read!

Sorry for the 2nd post today but this one is much more important that the 1st one!
My very dear friend sister Marybeth has a book that you all need to buy and read. Siter Marybeth and I will being doing a big book promotion in the next several months to raise tons of money and awarness for Aids Orphans Rising. I have been fund raising for sister Marybeth for close to 20 years and this time for the time time ever sister will be able to join me on my 9th Badwater race and then summit Mt. Whitney to carry all the children to the top with us!
Please join us today and buy a book..and for today only look what else you will recieve. Next please copy this blog and send it to all your friends and family.
Thank you so much!

Good morning everyone...

I've just returned from India where the need to help the orphans is indeed rising in unbelievable numbers...
we've recently opened a new home for the orphans near to Bangalore...it is filled to capacity...
one quick story...of some new orphans at our home...

a 5 year old boy I met there...kept doing somersaults in front of me...making us all laugh...the sister in charge told me --that is exactly what he was doing when they rescued him...on the highway of Bangalore! He was doing this trick to raise money for himself and his younger sister!

To help these children I have written the book Aids Orphans Rising
a good friend, Joe Vitale,
has gathered many of his friends to help not only the children but you and your friends too!

Today--February 19th if you or anyone you tell to go to this site

and purchase the book will receive many wonderful and valuable materials free...Joe has really gone out of his way to provide a great assortment of wonderful materials from all of his marketing friends to help this cause...

could you please send this email to all on your list--I know it will be a great help to the children.

I've attached a formal sales letter if you would also like to include that in the email it will explain to all what we are trying to accomplish for the children.

I will be back in America by February 23rd and look forward to seeing you.

Thank you and God bless you all.
Sr. MB

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