Thursday, February 14, 2008

All Women's Camp in sunny Tucson!!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Wow..what a few weeks many of us have had with the flu, somehow I got hit with it twice. This is the 1st time in 10 years I did not get a flu shot and it is the last! I can't thank you all enough for your continued prayers and support for my father. This last hospital stay was tough with an awful staff infection. This man has shown me so much in last several months about the human spirit that words can't even begin to describe. I sat in my fathers home and read 60 cards that he had been sent from so many of you, I sat speechless and I sat with tears. I thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart for your act of kindness to cheer up a man that I adore and love so much. Please..if I can ever do anything for you just say the word!

As you can see Dreamchaser's had a great turnout with amazing success at the RR 50 and 100 mile races. We were to have over 40 past and present coaching students running but some unfortunatley were stuck in airports due to snow storms and were not able to make it. I have to say you were sure missed but we look forward to many group runs again soon.
A big thank you to Joe the RR race director for setting up a large tent for the Dreamchasers and all the support for an amazing event he puts on. We look forward to many more and we look forward to Joe and his Texas group to run in the Tetons!!!

Ok..Finally the women's camp I have been waiting for! Come on!!! Let's go. If you can't join us they pass it on to some women that you think can. Looks like we may have to have 2 camps:) Which of course would be wonderful!!! Don't worry guys..we have a camp for you coming very soon.


Alright, it is finally here and we are going to have such a great time and I hope you can work it out with your schedule to come to sunny Tucson! I have finally found the most amazing house that sleeps 15 really well to hold the all women's camp I have been dreaming about putting on and I hope you can come.

What a great Valentine's Day gift to give to your wife or to your wife and daughter, your girl friend or just a special friend!!!

Here is a list of what this camp includes with the price...keep in mind this camp is going to be geared towards your own personal wants and needs... If you want to make it a hard core boot camp then we can do that, if you just want to take easy walks or hikes and sit by the pool and read your book all day you can do that as well.

This camp is about learning what it is you want and how to make it happen. We will have many round table group discussions about how to find the balance in your life and how you can accomplish anything, I mean anything you are dreaming about doing! "Find a way or make one"!!!

Services provided:

-Airport pickup and drop off -Wholesome, all natural breakfast, lunch and dinner...snacks too. -Fully guided sag support for those wanting to do road walks or runs
-Hammer Nutrition products, and nuun to!
-Accommodations in a very nice 7 bedroom house.
-free wifi
-massage therapy, hot stone massage and more!
-lap pool and gym minutes away
-pool in the back yard big enough to do deep water running, water aerobics or just float!!! -shuttling to and from trail heads
-core training workouts -stretching
-vedio gait analysis
-group discussions on many topics

Don't miss this camp in sunny Tucson with me..I promise you it will be full fun and information for you to take home and start living that healthy, fit life you are dreaming of...or just a plan kick in the butt!

When: Check in on Tues. April 8th anytime after 4pm and check out after 12pm on Sunday April 13th

Where do I fly to: Tucson AZ!!

How much does all of this cost? $1,500!!! The only extra would you pay is for any massage services.

Space is limited so I hope to hear from you soon.

Much Love Lisa


Anonymous said...


See you in April.

Thank you for getting this camp together.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa, there are 4 versions of the flu going around...maybe you ought to get innoculated against the two you haven not had!


Anonymous said...


How impressive all your student's did in Texas on a very hot humid day. Next year I hope to be able to come down and watch, it is not to far of a drive.


Lora said...

I'll be there with bells on!!
Thanks for putting this together.