Saturday, October 06, 2007

Photo from Mile 30.4 miles

Still looks pretty cold out there, huh?


olga said...

Thinking of you, my dear.

sharon schmidt said...

Sitting here watching the clouds sit on the valley floor and the snow on the hills thinking of you on your bike. GET RIDING!!! Can't wait to hear all about it.
Go to it and STAY WARM!


Lora said...

I have butterflies in my stomach for my upcoming race tomorrow!

Dig deep for your devoted students!!!

Strong! Powerful! BikerGirl!!

Anonymous said...

Sending all my love to you.
Live, love, and laugh.
And ride like the wind blowing over the sea, Empress Penguin!

Anonymous said...

Focus, Champ!! The miles fly by. I DO know how hard it is to pedal through the night, but you're just the girl to do it. I would not want to be the one chasing your taillight.
love and strength, Pam Burwell

Anonymous said...

Tell Lisa we are all thinking of her- the mantra on her web site:

I can't go on-
I must go on-
I will go on-

says it all- tomorrow we are expecting record high's (90's)in
IL - so I will be thinking of her during my long run-


James Simone

Anonymous said...

WOW!! lisa u r inspirational!!!! i will get on my bike this weekend and ride some miles along w u when u are hitting a hard spot!!!! have a gr8 ride!!!

--Jen Boyce