Saturday, October 06, 2007

From Mile 25

Photo from Lisa's 508 Crew Member Cathy:

Top of the climb at 25 mi. The steepest section of this climb is about 8%. Crew Chief Paul says there are only 2 more short climbs this steep or steeper & Towne's Pass.


leigh said...

i am there Miss Empress Penguin! i just talked to Cathy and she is at this very location. maybe for lunch i will go to Carls Jr. and have me some "flat buns" in honor of you! RIDE STRONG! XOXOX Leigh

Meredith said...

As of now you are off and running!!!!! You are going to do great. The pictures on the 508 website are great from last night and today. It is so nice to follow your adventure on your blog as well as the race's site.

Go Lisa Go!

pcthrpy said...

Hey Lisa, great work. Keep the focus. When you come onto a big downhill, shake your fist, shout out "This one is for you Connie!" and let 'er rip. Extract a little revenge for me!! Go get 'em. Rumble Lisa Rumble!!!

Your student and fan

Dusty said...

Go Lisa GO!!!

Perfect circles girl, lots and lots of perfect circles.

Positive thoughts and energy coming your way.

:) Dusty