Saturday, October 06, 2007

Lisa Passes Mile 84 - Timing Station # 1

Lisa, just after she passes Mile 84 and crosses through the first timing station:


Anonymous said...

From the Ulrichs to Lisa:

Heather and I will be watching her progress from a far. We know she will do well, just be safe and strong!

Love as always to her,

Marsh and Heather

Anonymous said...

Empress Penguin! You're awesome and so inspirational - riding strong for such great reasons! I was thinking about you on my road bike ride yesterday, hoping you could draft off me for a little while. ;-) Now, the snow has arrived in SLC and I'm headed for an adventure in the mtns ... love it, love it! Find the little things along the way to bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart. The small joys can make any tough situation bearable! Hugs & strength to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

Looks like you are doing great, I have been thinking of you all day. I know you can do it, please be safe! I will run a few miles for you tomorrow.

Mark Wieneke

leigh said...

looking really strong Lisa! wishing you the best for a safe night. No dreaming allowed! Ride on~

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lisa!

Just writing to say hello and let you know your Florida Fan Club is thinking about you! I just hope you have a well-padded seat, 'cause that's a lot of miles in the saddle for skinny people--oops, LEAN people--like you and me! Thanks for the commentary on your blog about your training and mindset during the process. It's interesting and fun to read, and inspiring as always. Have a great time out there, Kid! Can't wait to hear the details of how you conquered the 508!
"Hi" to Cathy.

Love to you, Coach!
Bob Becker

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa!
A few thoughts...
1) My life verse is "Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit", says the Lord. It will not be your strength, determination, or talent that will get you through these 508 miles. It will be the power of the Holy Spirit. And that power, my friend, is endless.
2) When you are too hot tomorrow, riding in the sun of California, stay cool by thinking of our weather back home. It is snowing and sticking on the ground. Visualize my throwing a snowball at you!
3) You inspire so many people, including me. You go get 'em girl!

All our love,
Barb, Loren, BJ, and Zane

Bob Gentile said...

Good Job Coach!!!

Happy Butt:-)

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I just got back from Vegas and am thinking about you and praying all is well! Brian and I had fun celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary.
I am so proud of you (as always) and know you will make it through the race even though your back is killing you. I know your motto of "Never Quit" is running through your head continually now.
I pray you will take care of yourself and know my whole family is remembering you in our prayers. You are amazing! You go girl! God Speed and God Bless!
I will see you soon,
Love ya,
Your Sis-Julie

Anonymous said...

Hi from Bangkok, Lisa! Just wanted to let you know that I am checking in and you look great! I'll be thinking of you as you keep going. I know you'll finish strong.


Anonymous said...

Great job Lisa. Be safe coach.

Best, Wayne Bates

Anonymous said...

Hey LISA!! :)

As the new day/morning comes for you guys out there....

"Days up and down they come
like rain on a conga drum
forget most, remember some
but don't turn none away.
Everything is not enough
nothing is too much to bear
where you been is good and gone
all you keep's the getting there.
To live is to fly low and high
so shake the dust off of your wings
and the sleep out of your eyes."---Cowboy Junkies

Fly on, Empress Penguin!!

Kira :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa -
Ben came out to see you at the Trona checkpoint - but somehow missed you. We are sending prayers your way! Stay focused and strong.
Love and hugs -
Ben and Denise Jones