Sunday, October 07, 2007

Lisa is IN the Game...See Photos Thru Mile 370!

Mile 205
Going up Towne's Pass.
Elev 3500, 1450 to summit.
Lisa's passed about 5 riders on this climb.

Mile 280

Mile 282

Mile 317
One tough lady!
Climbing Salsberry Pass.

Mile 370
Lisa's says,
"Back from the dead.
We are definitely going to make it!"


leigh said...

way to go Lisa... been waiting to hear. see ya at the finish line! Leigh

Tom Triumph said...

Yea!!!! Lisa, great job. How awesome the photos look. Therese and I are sending positive thoughts your way to you out there. Be strong and think positive thoughts. You're amazing!
Tom Triumph

Christopher said...

Hey Lisa, been thinkin' about you all weekend and hitting 'refresh' on the race update page every 3-4 minutes. Hope everything is alright--the current info on the race page has me a little nervous but I'll be here keeping happy thoughts in my mind for you! Keep on rockin' girl!

Anonymous said...

YOWZA! What incredible pix and update! This is your race now - the second half. So happy for you.


Anonymous said...


Tom Triumph and I are thinking about you doing the 508. Good luck with the ride!! Also, we look forward to your run across America in the Spring. We hope we can run with you for a day.

Doug Vaughan

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! You're awesome! And also in our prayers tonight, for your health and safety and for those of your fellow competitors and crew. Hang in there, steady steady!

love to you,
Bob and Janice

Anonymous said...

Please give our best to Lisa and tell her to kick some butt out there, be tough and strong we are saving a prayer for her & know God will lead her to victory lane she is an awesome person.

Let her know we miss her and big hug to the girls and Jay!

Lou Lou & Adam