Monday, October 08, 2007

Lisa Had Had to DNF at the Furnace Creek 508

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to each of you for checking in on Lisa over the weekend. Your thoughts and prayers are so much of what helped Lisa ride as far as she did.

Lisa was not able to complete the Furnace Creek 508. I don't have many details to offer you just yet. I do know Lisa had very painful lower back issues but it seems something occurred with her knee as well.

I know this was a big race weekend for Lisa's students and I know she would love to hear from you guys on the feel free to post updates and messages to Lisa. I think she'll have computer access to the Blog today. Otherwise, we have been texting her messages, too.

Take good care everyone!



sharon schmidt said...

hey lisa!

hope everything is ok- sending my thoughts to you. My table will be waiting when you get home. :)


olga said...

Aww...well, as many of us know, this is just part of what we do, and not the most importantr one at it. I am sorry if the pain had become so bad that it caused the decision - it only means it is a serious case of injury here, and Lisa better take care of it! You told me same just a month ago! My love is always with you and your family/friends, Lisa, keep your head up, it ain't worth crying over, but hope you resolve the back/knee things and go visit you Dad soon!

jen boyce said...

u r still INSPIRATIONAL!!! way 2 go after it girl!!!

Trace said...

You are a super star in my eyes!!! The miles that you completed at the 508 are something to scare any mortal soul. They are HARD miles and to think of how far you went is incredibly admirable! You did amazingly well. I'm so proud of you and all that you represent. My prayers are with you and your father now. Focus on him and focus on what you just accomplished on your bike. Chin up!