Sunday, October 07, 2007

*More** Pics from the Course

Mile 104. It's been a beautiful calm day.

Heading into Trona. Mile 132.

Mile 145. 9 miles to Trona.
When Lisa rode around the corner
and saw the mtn range ahead bathed in purple light,
she raised her fist in celebration and said, "That's why I came here!"

These photos and comments are courtesy of crew member Cathy.
Cathy also sent through this text message:
It's after 6 Sat. From now until the finish the crew will be providing direct support,
following behind Lisa during all nite hours and most of the day Sun.
Still no word on how things are going on Sunday, but hopefully I'll hear from someone soon!
Hope everyone had a great weekend...esp if you raced!


olga said...

Lisa, game on, keep the mood intact and the pedaling will happen! Thinking of you (and your poor butt)!

"Sherpa" John Lacroix said...

Lisa! We all love you! Simply amazing things that you do, God looks down on you and your friends. Happy thoughts and enjoy the ride.. PS... GIVE JOE HELL!

Sherpa John