Monday, October 08, 2007

Lisa is OK!

Okay, another action shot of Lisa - this time on the phone with me! ;-)

Lisa just called and let me know she is feeling okay...sore as anything, but ok. She dropped out of the race at Mile # 397, primarily due to the knee pain she was experiencing.

She said that even though she had spoken with many who had done the race and read lots about it, the challenge of it all just was something beyond her comprehension until actually experiencing it. Some of the challenges she mentioned were navigating the pot holes at night, braving the cold temps - esp on downhills, dealing with car traffic, and pain in her hands from gripping the breaks.

She mentioned some of the exhilarating parts, too - seeing the mountains far off and climbing Towne's Pass with strength and determination (Cathy mentioned to me that Lisa passed 5 riders on this climb).

I'm not sure if Lisa will get to the computer today, but she certainly will later this week.

Stay tuned...




Anonymous said...

Great effort Lisa! You did so well, even with the back pain and worry for your father. I am really proud of you for going out there and giving it your all. You are a true champion.
Love, Jacki

Meredith said...

Wow. I know Lisa gave it her all and then some. Thank you colleen for all your updates.

Aye-Aye said...

Hey Lisa

After I saw your van pass me for good...I knew somthing medical happened. I had read before coming to Furnace Creek that the Furnace Creek a 508 mile bike race was going to be your first bicycle race...let me say...for your first bicycle race..I thought that was rad.

Well,I thought that since I am currently bed stricken right now with non-functional legs/knees/numb feet
... I would share that I DNF about 3 and half hours after seening your support van drive away.
My shoes and knees were causing such a tender pain it was making my feet go numb, from this it put me in a stage of passing out.When I would look around everything seemed to be shrinking...and it got to a point to were I seemed to be on some wierd LSD trip imaging things that weren't there. I had to ask my crew what I was doing..I couldn't quite remeber what I personally was doing..This freaked my crew out..and they had to pull me off my bike. I was mad/pissed I swore them tears..I truly wanted to finish..just like any other ultra athelete. Sadned to know..that you have to give something up that means so much totally crushed me emotionally.

Well, from one ultra athlete to another..we kick arse no matter what


Michele Jensen said...

Lisa - you continue to kick butt and I am so proud and inspired by you. By taking on the most unimaginable of challenges you continue to inspire us all!!! Take care girl - rock on!
Michele J.

Bob Gentile said...

WAY To Go Coach, one heck of a first big bike event :-) You did awesome!!

Hart said...

way to tough it out.. you did amazing in your first bike race lisa!

Lora said...

Wow Coach!! I'm so proud of you!! Can't wait to hear your report!

As you've heard, the Chicago Marathon was an out of control event. I'm okay though. I made it to mile 16 before they shut the race down. I could have continued, I still felt good. Disappointing not to have crossed the finish line though.

So we move onwards towards our next event!!

Lisa B said...

Hi Lisa,

Sorry about your back and knees and not being able to finish. As you know, I was not even able to start the race. Sometimes it just is what it is and the right decisions are made. Backs and knees are important; it was the right thing to do. That said, congrats on your ultramarathon effort once again and on riding 400 miles! That is quite an accomplishment that few can brag about. You are strong and determined and a phenomenal athlete who I admire greatly.

Brandy said...

Hi Lisa,

Congratulations on a great effort out there. You passed our rider George Vargas (Red Eyed Vireo) on Townes Pass and then we were in Death Valley at the same time on Sunday morning. I kept checking for you at each of the time stations and I was very sorry to hear of your knee problems. To have the courage to get out there and just start FC508 as a soloist...well, that makes you a hero in my book! Congratulations again, you looked great out there.

Brandy DeLuca

Anna Boldon said...

Dearest Empress Penguin,

You totally rock. I'm so very very proud of you. It was, indeed, one helluva tough race! I anxiously wait to hear about your experience, and hope you are recovering well, and that you are proud of what you accomplished.

It's not necessarily the fast races that make us the most proud; it's often the slow ones that we had the will to gut out until the bitter end, whether that bitter end is the finish line or the decision to stop.

(If you are reading this post, Aye Aye, I extend the very same sentiments to you. Just being out there and making it as far as you did is a huge accomplishment in itself!)

Love and hugs to you,
Anna "White Rabbit"

AnthonyP said...

Get well soon !