Monday, July 23, 2007

What Happens the Day Before Badwater?

Here’s a quick video to let you see how Lisa’s 2006 Badwater Double journey finished:

And now the 2007 Badwater Double begins.

Today (well, technically yesterday…I am referring to Sunday), all athletes meet in an auditorium at Furnace Creek for a mandatory pre-race meeting. Crew members come along. One part of this meeting is the induction of honored individuals into the Badwater Hall of Fame. Lisa told me that there was an absolutely beautiful welcome of Dr Ben Jones and his wife, Denise Jones into the Hall. I couldn’t think of people who deserve this more! There are so genuine in their passion for this race and their love of the course and the athletes who choose to take on the BW challenge.

As for the weather (and there is always talk of the weather when the Badwater Ultramarathon is concerned!), Lisa reports that it is not very hot – say, 118 degrees. While that may sound like an inferno to some, when the thermometer fails to reach the 120’s, Badwater athletes are very grateful. Lisa also mentioned that it was 85 degrees at Stovepipe at 6am this morning, and that is really considered mild. Let’s hope this ‘cold front’ holds out for the competitors.

In addition to Lisa, Anita Fromm and Linda McFadden will be doing the Badwater Double. Hopefully this will make the return journey from Mt Whitney a little less lonely.

Lisa is just so grateful for Marie’s crew skills…her leadership allowed for another relaxing day for Lisa, which is awesome because the next week will be anything but relaxing!

While Lisa’s children are still a little too young to read Blogs, she wanted to be sure that I sent them her love. She didn’t get a chance to speak with them today when she talked to Jay because they were both asleep in their car seats, but she knows that they want their Mommy to run fast and strong!

Tomorrow (Monday) the official race begins!

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