Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend at the Races!


Before Lisa made her way to the airport on Friday, she reminded me (after mentioning it several times earlier in the week! :-) ) that so many of her students were racing this weekend and next and that it was really going to be tough for her not to know immediately about their races & results!

So let's tell Lisa all about it! Using the COMMENTS feature, please respond to this post and let us know how your weekend race went. I'll print out your comments and get them to Lisa somehow!



Anonymous said...


She ran the Tahoe Rim 50k. She improved her time from the last 2 times she ran this race by 48 Minutes!!!

She also broke 7 hours with a finishing time of 6:58....She was 8th woman and 3rd Master chick.

Diana, that's ana amzing accomplishment and one that Lisa will be so happy tohear about!

Anonymous said...

Diana - you ROCK!! Congratulations!!

Lisa - I followed all your advice for the Speedgoat 50k - and it turned out great! That was a TOUGH course, let me tell you!! There were NO flat sections, just steep uphills or steep downhills. I gave it my all and ended up finishing an hour faster than I had even hoped. Thanks so much for your advice and your inspiration! Best wishes at Badwater - you're strong & ready for this! And you have an awesome crew to help you through it!

(PS - Hi George, Leigh & Laurie!!)

-Becky Clements

Bob Gentile said...

WOOOO HOOOO you fellow DV Campers!!

Becky & Diana you girls rock!! Way to kick butt this weekend at ur events -- BIG Congrats!!!

Look forward to ur race report that U are going to EMAIL out to us fellow DV campers, right?! RIGHT!!! :-)

Recover well Ladies!!

Larry said...

Way to go Becky! Now you're an offical Wasatch Speedgoat!

Lisa: 3x 1 mile repeats track workout today. Here are the mile splits: 5:54, 5:52, 5:49. I could barely break 8 minutes a year ago. You are an inspiration and that got me under 6 minutes for the first time. Each one faster than the last. You make us all believe. All the Best tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...
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