Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Update

Hello Everyone!
Lisa and crew are doing just GREAT!!!
I spoke with crew member Leigh this morning
and I am just so impressed with how CALM everything sounds!
Lisa started at 10am and reached Furnace Creek in a time of 2:51
and Stovepipe Wells in a time of 7:34.
The course is VERY difficult after Stovepipe Wells...
so please think of Lisa and send her some strength and courage!
Here are some great photos from the past two days...
courtesy of Leigh Corbin and Cathy Cramer.
Thanks so much, Cathy & Leigh!!!

Lisa with Marshall!

Lisa, describing what so many people really think! :-)

Where the race will begin!
This is one of the last times Lisa will wear "street clothes" for the next few days!
Thanks, Athleta!
Has Lisa every told you to eat bananas before a race?
She does!

The crew - in street clothes...

The crew - race gear

Lisa and Dean!

The 10am Start...
I hope to vbe able to share some video footage tomorrow.
Sleep well everyone
and hope that our friends in Death Valley do well
and find the magic!


Bob Gentile said...

Great Pics!!! Lisa is doing great so far:-) thanks for the pics updates

Meredith said...

Thanks for the update and the wealth of pictures! Lisa is doing great, been tracking her on the Badwater sight. Best of luck to Lisa, and all the other runners out there. h

olga said...

Doing well, Lisa and all friends! The weather seems to cooperate? Go, BW runners!!

DSD said...

Badwater Double!

olga said...

Lisa is ready to move into 3rd place! Rock on!!!